BRUSH DRAW Hype is our host of internet marketing services that help you to promote your business online through tailored marketing campaigns. Our services include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Marketing, and more. We create campaigns that get your products or services in front of your potential customers.
Online marketing integrates a wide range of tools to promote your business  online. We create a comprehensive strategy using tools such as SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing to bring awareness to your company’s products or services. . Capture more customers with these tools that focus on driving more traffic, leads, and sales to your website.
Creating your marketing strategy involves a series of exact, proven steps which we have developed over the years. Following these steps we establish key aspects of your business and develop a campaign to capitalize on your business’ strengths.
Some of the aspects our campaigns can include:
Target Audience Research
Competitor Research
Establishing proper Messaging
Establishing an SEO plan
Establishing a PPC plan
Establishing a Social Media Plan
Our Search Engine Optimization services help your website be visible in search engine results. We do extensive keyword research to find out what your potential customers are searching and use best practices to set up your website to feature those exact terms. Our SEO service effectively drives potential customers to your website who can then convert and become paying customers.
Tailored to you and can include:
SEO Compliance Verification & Repair
Keyword Research
On Page Keyword Insertion
Keyword Ranking and Goals Assessment
Keyword Adjustment and Optimization
Directory Listing in Over 50 Directories
Off-Page SEO Linking and Posting
Weekly/Monthly Reporting and Consultation
For organizations that want to see immediate traffic to their site and increase business, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent strategy to implement.
We can create paid ad campaigns on any advertising platform such as Google Adwords, Facebook, or Instagram. Based on your available budget, we will distribute the ad spend accordingly and encourage the target audience to take action and convert on your designated landing page.
Tailored to you and can include:
Custom Graphics Creation
Keyword Adjustment And Optimization
Resizing Artwork For All Display Channels
Share your message and get the attention you deserve. Social Media Marketing allows you to be an active communicator with your audience. It’s time for your business to thrive in 21st Century marketing, our social media services cover all your needs.
We work with all major Social Networks to publish relevant content for your company to have the online presence you need.
Tailored to you and can include:
Multiple Social Channels
Hashtag Alignment
Social Character Profile Guideline
Custom Graphics Creation
Weekly Posts On Multiple Social Networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Etc)
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